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The head of municipal town of Pokachi Victor Tanenkov`s appeal

Today I would like to greet all potential investors of Pokachi!

Small northern town of Pokachi is located in the west of Nizhnevartovsk district on lands rich in natural resources and minerals.

The basis of the town's economy is oil production. The main enterprise here is CCI “Pokachevneftegaz”. It is part of the Limited Liability Company “LUKOIL – Western Siberia”, where the bulk of the town population works. The company operates in 9 license areas. The history of oil production in Pokachi region has more than three decades. Over 263 million tons of oil has been produced here since that time. According to experts, current recoverable reserves of BC1 category are about160 million tons of oil in the territory of the enterprise.

The key formula of the city development, its main idea and concept, sounds like – “Pokachi – the town of happy childhood”. The town is home to over 17 thousand people. An average age of our citizen is over thirty. Pokachi is characterized by positive demographic trend with minor fluctuations in migration, low mortality and yearly birthrate growth.

The main advantages of our town are density and small size. Well-developed infrastructure, walking distance to any object, the closeness of authorities – all these factors reduce time to resolve any issues. In the early '80s, when choosing a place for the construction of the village, first builders of Pokachi overflew the area on a helicopter. A bird's-eye opened a picturesque panorama on the right bank of Vat-Egan river. Therefore, people decided to start building houses on high sandy mane of Pokachi coniferous forest. The site chosen was a very unique place. For several kilometers around there are marshes. Pokachi neighborhoods are rich in pines, cedars, mushrooms and berries: cranberries, blueberries, cloudberries and cranberries. Consequently, the inhabitants of the neighboring towns usually visit Pokachi woods for hunting and fishing. Thus, a manufacture of biologically active and vitamin supplements based on wild plants might be one of the possible investment projects in the town.

The town is surrounded by lakes with clean fresh water. The largest of them, Imnlor, is located in 10 kilometers from Pokachi. Its area is 60.8 km². I consider the production and bottling of drinking water to be promising area of Pokachi development.

The creation of a tourist recreation place is another interesting investment proposal. Pokachi surroundings are included into the unified state register of objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of the people of the Russian Federation as a noteworthy place “Nёh-Uri” (Elk bayou). The uniqueness of the area around Pokachi has already been proved by both numerous archaeological excavations and the state historical and cultural expertise. Archaeological studies have confirmed that Pokachi area is extremely rich in cultural heritage. Today there found 123 villages, 44 settlements, 6 cemeteries, and 24 groups of hunting pits. Chronologically, they cover the period from the Stone Age (approximately IV millennium BC) to present times. This area has great historical, cultural and scientific potential.

Pokachi is an island of real warmth and comfort in the heart of taiga. “The power of Russia will grow through Siberia”, Mikhail Lomonosov once told, and he was not mistaken. I believe that investing in the development of Pokachi will allow a small town becoming a place for comfortable living of its residents and visitors. Its enormous potential will contribute to the development of Western Siberia and the long-term investment plans.